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Let Go. Surrender. Go for the ride of your life. Do it every day.

Letting go isn’t easy. Not an everyday thing for us, let’s admit. Because some days are harder than the rest. Somedays, everything takes a toll on our sanity. Like my morning today.

And, that’s why we need to focus on other things that engage our senses in more mindful ways and help us move to a more positive frame of mind. Skywatching does that for me and here, I’m sharing my favourite sky shot from last week. Beautiful, luminescent and blushing like a new bride!

I could hold onto this moment forever but it only lasted a few minutes and then, a purple glow fell upon the western edge until it turned completely dark. But, as they say, a sunset is a reminder that another day is waiting for us, ready to unfold another dawn and perhaps, greater possibilities. C’est la vie! We stumble, we fall and lift ourselves up, to shake off the hurt and move on.

To move away from what drains my energy and positivity is a self-care routine that I’ve been practising for a long time now. How do you de-stress? How do you deal with life when your mind gets ruffled and you feel upset? I’d love to know how you deal with things, so if you’re reading this, do leave your thoughts in the comments below. If you’re posting for #skywatchfriday, may I request you to please leave your link as well, so I may visit you back?

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Have a wonderful weekend.


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  • KB



    • Esha MD

      Thank you very much.

  • Vinitha


    What a beautiful and serene visual is this! I love the setting sky. I love sun rise too, but mornings are always busy and never get a chance to relish that beauty. Setting sky is a beautiful reminder that tomorrow however hard it could be will also have something adorable to look forward to. Right?
    Love your gorgeous captures of the sky, Esha!

    • Esha MD

      Thank you so much, Vinitha. Your kind words surely made my day. I’m happy that you too take the time out to enjoy skywatching in your part of the world. You know, I always feel the landscape colours in Europe/US are somewhat muted compared to the Asian countries. But the sky colours are absolutely gorgeous there! What do you think? The beauty of fall takes the cake. Nothing looks prettier, no?

  • ajay


    Really awesome, may be the beautiful pic that i’ve seen this year.

    • Esha MD

      Thank you, Ajay.

  • Peter B.


    Beautiful photo! Photography, and trying to capture skies like this, is one way I “de-stress”.

    • Esha MD

      Thank you Peter. Happy to know that we share a few things in common. 🙂

  • Alana


    What a beautiful sky! And, to answer your question – I can’t give you a really good answer. I don’t cope too well when my mind is ruffled – especially with a relative who just loves to (and knows how to) pull my chain (hope that’s an expression you have, too, or something similar). I’ll be eager to find out if you get any good advice!

    • Esha MD

      Thank you, Alana. I completely understand your situation when you are stuck with someone in that type of a situation. Not an easy way to cope, I guess when you cannot remove yourself from the place or the person. I’d like to know what the others say to that.

  • Corinne Rodrigues


    I’ve begun to realize and experience that the more I let go of outcomes the more at peace I am. Thank you for your thoughts, Esha. You always inspire me to reflect more on my life.

    • Esha MD

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Corinne. I am with you on this…the more we let go, the more we are at peace! Of course, I’ve also learnt it the hard way but now, it has changed the way I view things and that makes life so much more bearable.

  • Anouradha Bakshi


    Beautiful post. Yes we need to let go. Not always easy but as you say a new day awaits us

    • Esha MD

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Anou’di and sharing your lovely thoughts. 🙂

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