The Wild Grey Yonder | #SkywatchFriday

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“No permanence is ours; we are a wave
That flows to fit whatever form it finds”
― Hermann Hesse

Ever since we moved into our new home four months back, life has mostly been a blur! Between juggling work, home, the declining health of ageing parents and the demands of parenting, it has been quite an upheaval for our family of three. As a consequence, I’ve had to bid farewell to my “golden hour” which allowed me to spend a precious few mindful minutes every morning, savouring the beauty of nature.

Blue skies have been rare. Mornings for us, now, is mostly a sheet of grey that greets one across the Eastern sky! Gone are the bright splashes of red and orange and the glow of the golden orb is now mere history.

A few weeks back,  one evening, I chanced upon a few streaks of orange on the western edge, silhouetted by tall buildings, under construction. It was my first dusk shot since we had moved out of our old home that used to have some absolutely breathtaking views of the skyline.

Nobody knows if the weather is going to change in the coming days or weeks or if this gloom will continue to spread into our autumn months as well. (I hope not, but you can never tell!) The weatherman reckons it’s all very unpredictable now. I must mention, though, that the only saving grace in our washed-out mornings is the beautiful reflections on the lake that never fails to catch our eyes.

Say what you will, but the sky does make me feel happy most days, despite being devoid of bright colours. And, unique to itself, grey too has a beauty that is rather understated, don’t you think?

So, what’s your sky like? Do you also like clicking skyscapes around where you live? Would love to see your clicks, so join in with your sky pictures and let’s enjoy a beautiful #SkywatchFriday! Happy Weekend, everyone! 

View my collection of sky pictures here.


  • Ajay Rana


    wow what a sky photography.. amazing great work

  • Obsessivemom


    There’s such a stark difference between the pictures with the sun and those without. That’s not to say that the cloudy pictures are any less beautiful, though in a whole different way. I hope all clouds lift away from your new home soon.

  • Peter B.


    Yes, I agree, grey skies have a beauty all their own. Actually, I think photo #2 is my favorite from this post. Have a nice weekend!

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