The Thorny Tree | #ThursdayTreeLove

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“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.”

—James Russell Lowell


Have you ever thought why experience is often described to be the best teacher we will ever have in our life? Well, I’d say, considering what experience costs, it certainly should be! And why not? After all, the knowledge gained through involvement in or exposure to a particular thing or event is undoubtedly valuable, and nothing as beneficial as what we learn first-hand. To me, this thorny tree symbolises that very feeling— the bitter-sweet confrontation with truth, that is necessary yet painful at the same time. The sweet thorn of experience, but oh so valuable!


Joining Parul today for #thursdaytreelove which is a photo feature on her blog that brings you beautiful trees from different places. If you’d like to join in, do visit her blog to find out more. You’ll love it, I’m sure.

  • Parul Thakur


    What a beautiful tree and equally beautiful thought. Sweet thorn is such a valuable lesson of life. Thank you for joining this week.

  • Alana


    Gardeners learn quickly about thorns – and that one of the most beautiful of flowers, the rose, has thorns, too. Yes, bittersweet knowledge. Beauty and pain.

  • Corinne Rodrigues


    The bitter-sweet confrontation with the truth…love your expression and the thought!

  • Roshan Radhakrishnan


    That backdrop really makes the tree stand out… beautiful pic

  • Archana


    That’s so true. There is nothing to beat experience as far as learning goes.. You have wonderfully captured the colours of the sky!

  • Obsessivemom


    Well said Esha. That single thorn will stand out in your memory and will give you a lesson to remember for ever. I love the setting of that tree.

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