The Fire that Ignites | #WordlessWednesday

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“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” 

—Jalal Ud Din Rumi

Wordless Wednesday 85

Have you ever wondered, how, there comes a time in our life, when, the inner fire gets dimmed and dies down? Blame it on the roller coaster rides of life that take us through intense upheavals that sucks away every ounce of creative fire that lies within us. We feel we’ve lost it and it’s time to give up our craft.

And, then, we go through a life-changing event, or maybe, meet someone, and it is through that encounter with another situation or another human being, that we burst into flame and rekindle our creativity once again? Has that ever happened to you? 

Tell me, has there been anyone/anything that has inspired you lately?


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  • Priya Bajpai


    Love the picture and the words.
    Muse is funny that way, keep hunting for it, nothing happens. But when you are about to sleep, it wakes up and dares you to write.
    Thanks for hosting #WordlessWednesday.

  • Mahati ramya adivishnu


    That happens to me. Whenever I see someone painting, My interest for painting rekindles and I go home and draw something irrespective of how busy I am.

  • Modern Gypsy


    Yes, it has happened to me quite often, actually. I think when you’re in the mind frame to move forward, you tend to really attract people who can ignite a spark in you. Beautiful photograph too!

  • Shirley Corder


    Thanks for this beautiful photo. Just this week, my critique partner challenged me to “describe what the fire looks like” – not talking about a bush fire, but a column of flames. I found it incredibly difficult! Thankful Thursday Week 43

  • Rajlakshmi


    Oh yes… Some people have so much energy and charisma that it kinda rubs on you too. Those are kind of people who leave a smile on your face.
    Beautiful capture.
    After a long time, I have got a WW post too 😀

  • Damyanti


    Gorgeous photo, and very thought-provoking words.

  • Parul Thakur


    A beautiful thought and a picture that goes perfectly with it. When I think of what you said, this has happened many times with me. I would say it happens with most people who are willing to move forward. Life is all about that. Isn’t it?

  • Patrick Weseman


    Very beautiful photo. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

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