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Wordless Wednesday 94

Graffiti that speaks to all! I love street art because it gives uniqueness to a city in a style that is its’ own. These pictures were shot while walking on the streets of Singapore, in one of the busiest districts, bang in the heart of the city. I loved the aesthetics behind camouflaging one section of the street, as a massive high rise was coming up and yet, unlike India, the streets still looked very pretty, with neat sidewalks for pedestrians to walk safely, and beautiful graffiti donning the walls which you probably never saw as one large piece, unless you were on the other side of the street (where I was, when I captured these shots!)

Do you like street art? Do you particularly like Graffiti? I do. I’m forever on the lookout for them whenever I visit other towns and cities.


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  • Vinitha


    Lovely! I love street arts. It gives a unique flavor. Love spotting them. 🙂

  • Natasha


    I am a huge fan of street art. These are gorgeous to say the least.
    When I lived in Singapore there was no street art whatsoever. I’m so glad they are coming of age.

    Lovely visually impactful pictures, dear Esha.

    Take good care. Much love and happy tidings. <3

  • Rachna Parmar


    I love street art. I remember in Italy they’re was some amazing graffiti and some not so amazing stuff. It is fun!

  • Shilpa Garg


    Such creative and life like graffiti. I love street art. Have seen some very creative ones in Bali and Kuwait. In Jaipur, the city has beautiful paintings on the walls which has its own charm.

  • Handmade Jewelry Haven


    I love street art! I definitely think it adds a certain dimension to a city that you would not normally experience.

    Thank you for sharing!

    – Lisa

  • Rajlakshmi


    I love looking at graphiti too. The various colors and style amazes me and makes me appreciative of the talent that can paint so flawlessly on such a huge canvas with just spray paints.
    Beautiful captures 😊

  • Anamika Agnihotri


    These are brilliant pieces of graffiti art. Amazing. You must have had a nice time walking around the streets.

  • Robert M Goldstein


    I love street art and San Francisco has some of the best. Those are great shots in your post.

  • Balaka Basu


    You should come to Bandra, there are some amazing graffiti there. Love these images.

  • Debbie D.


    That’s some beautiful street art, Esha! I do like that but not so much the angry-looking graffiti that mars the landscape, everywhere. When we went back to Europe in 1990, I was shocked to see that habit had spread over there, too. Even worse, now. And Toronto, of course, has a lot of it, too. Thankfully, our suburb isn’t too bad – yet. Happy #WW!

  • Modern Gypsy


    I love looking out for street art and graffiti! It gives such a unique style and vibe to a place!

  • Alana


    I am not a fan of graffitti (I was exposed too much to it growing up in New York City) but I love street art. Your pictures are vibrant. Never been to Singapore. It was a nice introduction.

  • Shalini


    I’ve always been astonished by the beautiful graffiti adorning the streets in my hometown. They are just amazing! Thabks for sharing these pictures.

  • Shilpa Gupte


    There’s this wall in my neighbourhood which has been used by graffiti artists and the paintings are awesome! If done aesthetically, they add to the beauty and style of a place.

    • Esha MD

      Oh really! I can imagine that wall with plenty of artwork done up! Maybe, you could share pics someday? I’d love to see people make graffiti too! I think visualising something as huge as this on a wall is quite an art. I think, generally, people often underestimate the talent of a graffiti artist. Don’t you think so?

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