#SkywatchFriday – 22

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Last week in Bengaluru was quite a mix of  rain and shine. As I watched the sun peep out from behind the clouds, my mind recalled an evening, almost similar to this one, when nothing was going right and hope was almost lost. I was a little girl in pigtails watching another sunset behind the hills. Naive, unprepared and apprehensive of things beyond my control. It was during one of the darkest phases of life, when time seemed to stand still and nothing seemed to change ever.

Contrasting it with my present, grateful that life has now taught me to be stronger, and aware of the world and it’s moments of unpredictability. Looking back, since then, so much has happened, worth being grateful for! One part of me resolves not to delve into the past again, and another one nudges me to look back, remember and reflect. I seem to have lost track of how many life lessons I have gathered this way!

In some ways, I am thankful for what I’ve been through during those early years of life. It has shaped me to be me, my thoughts and my stubborn positivity to keep going at it. This is why I do not like to give up on anything even today. Nothing comes easy in life really.But, I’m not delving into it. That’s going to be my post for another day.

While taking this shot, I kept deliberating on how life is such a juxtaposition of opposites, where joy walks hand in hand with sorrow, and blessings co-exist with burdens, and triumphs meet tragedies alike.

Our heart despairs one minute and bounces with hope, at the very next one. We tend to forget the present, but relive our memories that replay events from times gone by. Life never fails to baffle us!

Here’s another sky shot of the overcast sky contrasting with the ray of light. May you have a wonderful weekend to enjoy your weekly break and relax. Happy Friday to you all 🙂


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  • Felicia


    very pretty. lovely light.

  • Shalzzz


    Amazing! As if it says, there will always be light after every darkness!
    Loved your thoughts, Esha 🙂
    Kohl-Eyed Me
    Something’s Cooking

    • Esha Mookerjee Dutta

      Thanks Shalini. Glad to see you at SoulTalk 🙂

  • Parul Thakur


    Stunning shot and you know, I almost wait for your skywatch posts, every Fridays. You give me food for thought and you show me the same sky we share but with a unique angle. Thanks, Esha! Loved the thoughts and of course the picture.

    • Esha Mookerjee Dutta

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Parul. I know we share the same sky and it makes me feel happy to know that you’ve also seen that sky through the day and been a part of the experience. I feel lost when I watch the skies and keep capturing so many fleeting moments. Glad to see you at Soul Talk once again <3

  • RamyaRao


    That is a very beautiful shot. And yeah life is weird and the good ad the bad both keeps us going. The good because at times the good memories are the only thing that we have at bad times.The bad because it makes us stronger to face the worst and best in the future. 🙂

    • Esha Mookerjee Dutta

      Thank you Ramya. Yes, life brings us both kinds of moments to accept them as lessons or to cherish them! We must accept both in the same way

  • Vasantha Vivek


    Amazing click. Always skywatch makes me mesmerizing !!!!

  • vishalbheeroo


    Skywatch is back, Esha and I look up to read your posts filled with wisdom. Such learning stays with us forever. I have been through such phase, ups and downs keep coming. There was a time I lost myself but slowly reclaiming it. I’ve been re-born this year. Powerful!

    • Esha Mookerjee Dutta

      Thanks, Vishal! Thats so kind of you. It is true that we find our true strength when we sink low into the depths of despair. I think it wakes us up from our stupor and brings in new learning. I’m looking forward to reading your post this afternoon 🙂 Wishing you more strength and power this year onwards…May there be no looking back!

  • Gemma Wiseman


    Stunning burst of light. Dramatic contrast with the darkness of the clouds.

    • Esha Mookerjee Dutta

      Thanks Gemma! Glad to see you at Soul Talk 🙂

  • Dancin Fool


    Beautiful, and there is nothing more uplifting that a stunning sky.

  • pratikshya2


    Beautiful..life is full of opposites, paradoxes, and contrasts as this.. 🙂

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