Skywatch Friday #2

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Linking this post with Skywatch Friday, a place where you get to enjoy the different skies and views from all around the globe. Skywatch is as good as the people who post here and if you, like me, enjoy a good capture of the skies every now and then, it promises to be a fun place to post and link from. Do check out the above link to visit their stunning collection of pictures and enjoy 🙂


What is the good of a sunrise if it does not enter our daily lives?

Another spectacle in the Eastern sky on a Friday morning, in the Southern city of Bangalore in India.

I love watching dawn break every morning and the magic never quite works the same as the day before. Every sunrise is unique and beautiful and every morning holds a promise. The rising Sun brings with it fresh hope and optimism, that we alone can fill in, with our actions, our thoughts, our words, our promises and our dreams. It offers us yet another chance to leave our mark behind in a meaningful way, on things we do and people we encounter, in between those drifting minutes! What we do with the day is entirely up to us…

Isn’t it amazing that each day’s beginning and end are marked by sunrise and sunset, even when we don’t see them?

For now, I am counting my blessings as I’m enjoying a sunny morning, basking in the lovely sunshine, before I set off to tackle a busy day ahead!

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday and a great weekend, as the countdown to Christmas begins!

See you again, soon 🙂


  • Peter B


    Very dramatic and beautiful sky!

    • Soul Talk

      Thanks a lot, Peter!

  • Sara Chapman in Seattle USA


    What a spectacular cloud formation. My sister was just in southern India but she probably never thought to look at the sky. I’ve been doing Skywatch Friday for a long time. It’s a remarkable window on the world. Welcome!

    • Soul Talk

      Thank you so much, Sara! Interesting to know about your sister. Can’t blame if she missed watching the sky…there’s so much going on down below for her to see and take in 🙂
      Skywatch is fantastic…I’m loving it and looking forward to every Friday a little more now!!

  • Alok Singhal


    Precisely…that’s why i love Sunrises and Sunsets, as they represent the most beautiful form of nature.
    That’s a lovely picture 🙂

    • Soul Talk

      Thank you, Alok! Nothing more captivating and magical as the transition from darkness to light and vice versa…No matter how much we have progressed, nature still reigns supreme 🙂

  • Maliny Mohan


    When you tag a striking picture with a remarkable piece of writing, the beauty of the post is heightened to many folds. It is so true that we rarely pay much notice to the inevitable acts of the sun, except swear when it is scorching hot. My most favourite time of the day is dusk. I swell up with energy then. The dawn comes a close second:)

    • Soul Talk

      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation, Maliny! I think we are all the same when it comes to cribbing about the weather but never seem to appreciate the good rounds when they do exist all around us! Watching the sun set has a beauty that is unparalleled..The hour of transition from dusk to twilight is also very captivating 🙂

  • MaryBeth


    I love a sunrise it brings peace and joy to me.

    • Soul Talk

      Thanks MaryBeth. Surely, few things can rival a sunrise in its’ beauty!

  • ARTantana


    That’s a beautiful sky! Have a great weekend!

    • Soul Talk

      Thanks, ARTantana! Wishing you a wonderful weekend too!

  • Jutta K.


    Wonderful atmosphere I’m very impressed about it.
    I came visit from Skywatch Friday.
    That it my contribution:Winter-Sky
    Best greetings from Germany

    • Soul Talk

      Thanks a lot Jutta! Greetings from a sunny city in Southern India 🙂

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