Ooty skyscapes

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Somebody once asked me, What do you like most about traveling?

I didn’t have an answer then But I do now. I think travel pushes me beyond my comfort zone and makes me look at myself with new eyes. It makes me look at people and places with a fresh perspective too and gives me a better understanding of where I stand in the larger scheme of things.

The travel bug bit me years ago when as a little girl, I used to accompany my parents on long distance trips by rugged roads, or those endless long train journeys watching the world go by as we looked out from the large windows of the First class compartment. In a few years time, air travel replaced all of that. It not only saved time but also took away the magic of leisure travel and the laid back tempo of a three-day journey that used to be such a characteristic feature of our lives.

A lot of things started changing around that time. But one thing remained constant for me. No matter where I traveled, I fervently sought out the changing hues of the sky —be it amid the greyness of the cold winter mornings or the luminous summer evenings, even snatching glimpses of a thousand glittering stars on an autumn night. And the magic has been working ever since! Skywatching is mindful, almost meditative to me. I get ideas and inspirations for my posts while I capture sky shots. A lot of the people in my city thank me when they see their skies on my posts and marvel at what they continue to miss every day!

They say, you never discover new oceans until you lose sight of the shore. And, rightly so. Every journey I have taken has stretched my mind a little further than the previous journey, and every place has left in me a part of itself that has altered me as a person, beyond the realms of my own understanding.

Today, I’m sharing three skywatch shots taken during my last family trip two months ago to the beautiful hill town of Ooty, in South India. Hope you enjoy them.









Linking this post with #Skywatch Friday, where people post beautiful sky shots from different parts of the world.) You may catch my earlier #SkywatchFriday posts here.

So, until next week, wishing you a wonderful. easy and relaxed weekend!


  • arv!


    At your best, Esha.
    Travel today is mostly about escapism. The meaning of travel keeps changing. But I guess we like the change more than anything else. Lovely write up and pictures

  • ladyfi


    Wow – stunning sky shots.

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thank you so much ladyfi 🙂

  • Peter B.


    Really pretty sky shots!! I think I like the middle two the best, with the fiery-red colors.

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thank you so much, Peter. Glad you liked them. Yes, they are my favourites too. 🙂

  • Balaka


    The shots are beautiful…but the write up is just mind blowing..I can never write as flawlessly as you write..each time I read you I feel a sense of awe..Trust me I do.

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thank you so much, Tina! You know it feels so good to hear that from you. There are days when I feel I’m losing my craft and just as my handwriting is losing its sheen, so is my ability to write. On such days, a wonderful comment like that can bring me lot of joy! You write so well yourself. I’m a great fan of your fiction stuff.

      • Balaka

        I am probably a good story teller but not a writer..You understand what I mean?? I am not good with words or sentences or flow…when you write I always feel that words flow effortlessly..that is something I am yet to acquire. That is why I am bad at writing non-fiction

        • Esha M Dutta

          No no, I completely disagree with you on that, Tina! You are very fluid in your thinking and your writing. Your fiction says that about you, ok? To my mind, you cannot be bad at anything at all. Just not possible. Period. Ki bujhli? 🙂

          • Balaka

            Now, you are talking like a biased over protective elder sister…who is just unable to see any fault in her kid sister..love you for this

          • Esha M Dutta

            Once a kid sister, always so, Tina! Aar kono katha habe na <3

          • Balaka


  • vishalbheeroo


    Bliss, Esha, Who can disagree when you say sky watching brings so much focus. This post is so endearing and feels a divine point is struck. Travelling pushes one towards the edge in exploring places, culture, and its people. How I wish I could travel more…hehe!

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thank you so much, Vishal. Love your thoughts you’ve shared here. So glad to know you feel encouraged by the words. You must travel my dear friend. I can tell you what you’ll find is way more then what you think right now. So, go ahead and do it.

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