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Wordless Wednesday 89 

When our six-year-old wanted some me-time!

We always tend to think that it’s only the grown-ups who want me-time. What about kids? They want me-time too. It’s easy to see how we often overlook that.

This picture is reminiscent of one of our earliest parenting lessons. As parents, you think you’re always open to the idea of letting your little one be, especially when you see that he is old enough to potter about on his own. Truth is, we’re often far from what we think we are!

So, our little munchkin was totally in love with the outdoors from an early age. He could spend hours gazing at flowers and trees, looking up at the sky and watching the clouds. The other peculiar thing about him was that even though he’d be chatty through the day, in the mornings, he’d prefer to keep to himself most of the time, choosing to speak very little or nothing at all. Daddy Dearest—certainly not the one to give up, would try to be at his playful best, chatting and gently cajoling him to open up and talk, in vain, of course!

And so, it happened, that one December morning, much to our amusement, we found our little man, sitting on his favourite chair, enjoying his milk and biscuits, with something dangling from his woolly cap. As we came closer, we found him smugly sipping his drink, having come up with a cheeky idea of letting us know what he wanted! The message was loud and clear! At last, he’d found a way to savour the silence, with no one to intrude upon his peace!


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  • Natasha


    This is just too cute for words. I love his expressions through a DND sign. Arjya is a smart boy and I’m so glad he knew how to express himself right from the time he was a little man.

    Lovely post, Esha.

  • Alana


    I love this! I could place myself right in that photo.

    • Esha MD

      Yes, me too! But, I’ve never done that, so wonder how he came up with that!

  • Modern Gypsy


    Ha! This is a precious photograph!! And come to think of it, for some reason we never stop to think that children may need some me time too. I wonder why that is…

    • Esha MD

      Absolutely, Shinjini.We never question our assumptions about what kids really want or think of! This was an eye-opener for us, you know!

  • Sanch @ Sanch Writes


    That is cute! And very clever! You’re right…most people don’t think about kids as needing me-time but the introverted ones certainly do!

    • Esha MD

      You’d know that about kids, Sanch! You deal with them at work and in such varying ages. Yes, quite a learning for us as parents.

  • Shilpa Gupte


    Haha! Such an intelligent little guy! I will remember that when I wish for some me-time. 😛

    • Esha MD

      Kiddos find ingenious ways to convey their message, hai na, Shilpa? You know, it would never strike me to come up with something like this even if I desperately wanted some me-time. And he did it even without uttering a word.

  • Pr@Gun


    It’s a lovely pic, my kiddo will surely be inspired to have this tag. “Men & me-time” oh for sure.

    • Esha MD

      Haha…I can imagine how much kids love such things and they always grab ideas from one another! And tell me, who doesn’t love some me-time? We adults are no different. 🙂

  • Anamika Agnihotri


    Haha this is an ingenious way of letting people know that one wants to have some me-time. The photo is cuteness overloaded. By wanting to be quiet during the mornings, Arjyo is just like me. I can be silent even after 2 hours of waking up. I shrivel up in the company of those who start with their blabbering as soon as they open their eyes.
    Being a lover and writer of long comments, I am sooo happy the restriction of this comment box is gone 🙂

    • Esha MD

      My site has been down most of the time even though it did appear to be working for a little while yesterday when I had updated it. So glad you managed to read the post in that tiny gap between downtimes. I knew you’d be able to relate to that need for quiet. I am like that too and I can see that in many ways A is turning out to be like me, which can make me both happy and sad at times. Thank you for stopping by the blog, Anamika. I hope the word limit is now gone.

  • Kalpana Solsi


    Even kids want their Me-time and I was under the impression that they always prefer company.


    • Esha M Dutta

      Absolutely, Kalpana. In my experience, the kids definitely do. Thank you for joining us with your lovely post this week. Will hop over to your blog right away. Look forward to more pictures from you. 🙂

  • Balaka Basu


    Awww this is such an adorable picture..lots of love and hugs to my baby..

    • Esha M Dutta

      Hey, Tina! Long time!! Kemon achish? Join in…come on, ekta chobi de…fataafat! Ami kichhu shunbo na! Post a pic and link up with us, Tina. Love n hugs from Arjyo for Tina mashi <3

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