Looking Back or Moving Forward? #WordlessWednesdays

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“If you make the mistake of looking back too much, you aren’t focused enough on the road in front of you.” 

—Brad Paisley

I’m going to admit, I do both, but over the past years, I’ve been getting better in keeping my focus on the road in front of me. Sometimes, I feel the road and I move together.  At other times, the road leaps up ahead while I lose myself in the landscape, reminding me with a gentle nudge why it’s okay to pause once in a while but essential to keep moving forward.

Note to self: Re-adjust the lens if need be, but look ahead, look straight up and move on. No matter what the lessons of the past have taught us, life can only be lived forwards.

What’s your take on this? Which of the two comes most naturally to you—living in the past or looking ahead into the future? Or is it a bit of both?


Frozen in time: Throwback to our one-of-a-kind and perhaps, a once-in-a-lifetime road trip, along South Africa’s Garden Route, with the majestic Outeniqua Mountains in the distance. Probably, somewhere close to the Little Karoo, which is mostly barren and deserted and has very scant vegetation with almost negligible human habitation.

P.S. A scenic long drive that lent itself to some interesting snaphots for our personal collection.


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  • Parul


    What a gorgeous one! I love such roads and this one reminds me of many roads across India. The one in particular was the road to Leh. Straight and into the mountains as if.

    I wish you get to go on more trips, Esha and bring us back memories. Thanks for sharing!

  • Shilpa Gupte


    I loved this shot–the road seems never ending!
    I agree…Life is what we live ‘forward’, not looking back. But, I do look back when times get difficult. I look back to ensure myself that things could have been worse, like last year, and that this too shall pass. It feels good! 🙂

  • Mahati


    The scenery looks beautiful, I love such road trips. Digging into past doesn’t come naturally to me. I focus on present and future more.

  • Mahati


    The picture of scenic drive is beautiful. Digging into past doesn’t come natural to me. My focus is more on present and future.

  • Gattina


    I always look into the future, the past is for my blog and memories to write !

  • Roshan Radhakrishnan


    I wish i could say looking forward but i know i tend to look back at the past far more often than is healthy. I need to change my ways slowly and steadily.

  • Archana


    I guess a little bit of both but I think one should stay in the present. Use the experiences of the past to steer the path to our future goals. All easy to say and difficult to practise!! Lovely image 🙂

  • Vicki


    What a beautiful photo! I mainly look ahead into the future., but do think about the past once in a while. I love taking road trips,

  • Vinitha


    I do a bit of both, some times one more than the other. I think it’s the human nature to seek out something to worry and validate, I am kind of incredible at that. Never thought of me that way, though. 🙂
    This picture sure is mesmerizing. I love the clicks on the road giving such a perspective of the journey covered so far or the journey ahead. I do have so many such clicks with me, but unfortunately, none of them comes close to what my eyes had seen or my heart had felt. You are a good photographer, Esha! 🙂 <3

  • Pat


    Your lovely photo reminds me of the views we have here, Joining your wordless wednesday

    • Esha MD

      Thank you, Pat. I’m so glad to hear that from you. Welcome to our #ww linkup this week.Happy #WordlessWEdnesday and a lovely rest of the week!

  • Debbie D.


    That must have been a wonderful trip with spectacular sights! Love the mountain shot, here. Personally, I live in “the now” but love to revisit good memories from the past. This is something that happens more often as we get older, don’t you think? Looking to the future to make more good memories! 🙂

    P.S. Major difficulties trying to add my link. I gave up after several attempts but will keep trying. Here it is, in case that doesn’t work:

    • Esha MD

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here, Debbie. I’m so sorry you had trouble linking up. I now see that your link has been added, so that’s definitely better. Hopefully, you shouldn’t have to face this again. Fingers and toes crossed. x

  • Alana


    I tend to dwell on the past too much, which is never a good thing. The past is past. All we really have is the present.. By the way, I can not link, and I think the reason is that FB had found one of my recent posts (totally innocuous, and I understand this has happened to other boggers, too) not acceptable, and I have to sign into this using Facebook. Anyway, except for traffic driving on the left, this reminds me of parts of Virginia or North Carolina. It’s a lovely vista.

    • Esha MD

      Thank you so much, Alana for sharing your thoughts here. I’m really sorry that you had trouble linking up. I’ve added your post to the linkup now, but let me see if there is any way we can ensure this doesn’t happen in future. It is a rather pretty vista…agree!

  • Anamika Agnihotri


    The road is enchanting and it interested D too. The mountains and the dramatic sky in the foreground are further adding to the beauty of the photo.
    Waiting for the photos from Japan 🙂

    • Esha MD

      It truly is enchanting, Anamika. Most of South Africa is exceptionally beautiful, and in parts, absolutely breathtaking! I’m super chuffed that Dhruv liked the road. I guess since he is very interested in cars, the road still holds a charm for him. Tell me if I’m wrong. 🙂

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