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Aspire to be like Mt. Fuji, with such a broad and solid foundation that the strongest earthquake cannot move you, and so tall that the greatest enterprises of common men seem insignificant from your lofty perspective. With your mind as high as Mt Fuji you can see all things clearly. And you can see all the forces that shape events; not just the things happening near to you.”

― Miyamoto Musashi

About a hundred miles away from Tokyo, in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, there is a tall mountain that parts earth and sky with unusual symmetry. It rises 3776 meters above sea level and is Japan’s tallest mountain and most iconic landmark— Fujisan to the Japanese or Mount Fuji to the rest of us.

Historically, images of the almost perfect, solitary volcano have always been the subject of paintings and a multitude of artworks that have been famously around for centuries.

But the actual sight of the mountain is quite another thing, especially when you see how regally it stands, drawing awe, veneration and a unique mysticism that appeals to the hundreds of visitors who come from all over the world. Some take it to be a stairway to Heaven, others take it as a holy ground for pilgrimage; and then, there are those for whom it has become a site for receiving revelations as they believe it to be an abode for the deities and ancestors to reside in.

And, so one April morning, a couple of months ago, I happened to be in the crowd that thronged to the foot of this majestic mountain. It was nothing short of a dream come true for me and the family, as we walked up to the view point from where we could see Mount Fuji and be enthralled by its ethereal beauty! I don’t really know if words could suffice to explain my feelings for in that moment, I felt a surge of what one could call a deeply spiritual experience, witnessing such grandeur and serenity that defied every description. Do I even need to tell you how small and insignificant we mortals felt, in comparison?


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  • Natasha


    It’s my dream to see Mt. Fuji someday, having read about it so earnestly in our Buddhism texts.

    I can imagine the regal splendour and the spiritual awakening one experiences. Must be such a befitting experience, to say the least.

    Thank you for sharing this wonder of our world, Esha. And like I said, our conclusive lines, for this weeks, #WW are similar. One from watching a sunset, another from a majestic mountain. 🙂

    Loads of love and happy vibes. xoxox

  • Jeanna


    There are so many things in nature that do that, I’m glad you got to see one in person. A magnificent mountain indeed.

    • Esha

      You said it, Jeanna. I agree with that. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  • Gattina


    Wow, very impressive

    • Esha

      Thank you very much, Gattina!

  • Tonya


    Oh my, that is such a beautiful photo!

    • Esha

      Thank you, Tonya. So good to know you liked it. 🙂

  • Sandee


    What a beautiful shot. A place I would love to see in person.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

    • Esha

      Oh, absolutely, you must see it in person! It will be well worth the wait until then. So glad you enjoyed the picture. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Sandee.

      Happy Wednesday to you too and a lovely rest of the week.


  • Deb Nance at Readerbuzz


    Wow. I’d love to visit there. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Esha

      Glad to share, Deb! It was an amazing experience for me. Definitely, one not to be missed.

  • Parul Thakur


    I have always wanted to see Mt Fuji. I first read about it in my Geography book and since then I have yearned to see it. One day, may be.
    I loved your picture and I can imagine how you would have felt watching it. Beautiful!

    • Esha

      Same here, Parul. Like you, I too grew up reading about Mt Fuji and dreaming of visiting it some day. And then, years later, when I had no inkling it was coming, the trip happened. Some journeys just happen like that. You and VT will surely plan one soon—mark my words!

  • Alana


    Mt. Fuji is on my bucket list. I saw (from the air) the volcanic Mt. Ranier that hovers over our city of Seattle, in the United States once and it was so majestic – it took my breathe away. I can well believe the awe I would experience from seeing Mt. Fuji. It would be a dream come true.

    • Esha

      Of course, you will, Alana! Some trips are planned and some just happen like that! Life springs surprises when we least expect it. I hope you can realise at least some of your precious dreams…and what is life if we don’t have some beautiful surprises waiting for us, tell me?
      So good to see you stopping by here, on the blog, after a long time! Happy #ww and a great rest of the week.

  • Cathy Kennedy


    How beautiful! I think it’s interesting that you used ‘Stairway to Heaven’ for your post title because this past Sunday I put up my Battle of the Bands post using Led Zeppelin’s classic hit for the featured song using two cover artists. 🙂 Anywho, fabulous job on the photo contribution for WW. Thanks for hosting and have an excellent day! Feel free to join my Wild Wednesdays’ linky party where almost anything goes including photo shares. 😉

    • Esha

      That’s interesting to note! Let’s just say great minds think alike. 😉

      So glad you enjoyed my #ww pic for this week. Happy to host and to welcome everyone on our linkup once again. I’ve linked up to yours too. 🙂

      Happy Wednesday and a lovely week ahead to you, Cathy.
      See you around.

  • Soumya


    You will make me visit Japan this year only, looks like it 🙂

    • Esha

      Haha…that’s the spirit, Soumya! Go for it, girl and then I’ll wait for you to come back and tell me that it was all worth the wait!

  • Madison


    It truly is a beautiful site. My mom was in Japan a lot when she was flying and has seen it.

    • Esha

      It truly is, and not surprising at all when you see what a treasure house of culture and tradition it is, the history and the culture, the language, the food, and the beautiful landscape that will leave you mesmerized and longing to visit all over again, once you are back.

  • Rux Copilarim


    Such a wonderful picture of Mount Fuji :O.
    Happy WW!!

    • Esha

      Thank you, Rux. So glad to see you stop by the blog.

  • Veronica Lee


    I hope my dream to see the majestic Mt Fuji in person will be a reality for me someday.

    Love the photo and quote, Esha.

    • Esha

      I really hope, wish and pray that you definitely visit it someday, Veronica! It is such an amazing experience to be able to see this grand mountain right before you. (I had to pinch myself to believe I was actually there!)
      So glad that you enjoyed the quote as well.

  • Roshan


    I’ve read so much about it over the years but never seen it. I can only imagine how it must have felt watching it live

    • Esha

      It was breathtaking, Doc, trust me! I’ve been telling everyone to go see it someday. It is totally worth the experience and while in Japan, you’ll get to savour such a wide variety of sea-food too (not just Sushi as everyone thinks).

  • Pat


    How.d wonderful tug o see such a beautiful view of Mt Fuji! I loved the quote about it . I was sad not to see the largest mountain in Alaska as the weather did not cooperate, but I was still amazed by the other scenery.

    • Esha

      Oh yes, it was wonderful indeed! Glad you liked the quote. I do hope you get to see that mountain in Alaska someday! It must be well worth the wait, gathering from what you say!

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