Of Festivals and Colours

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A shot from one of our favourite festivals—’Holi’ or the Spring Festival. So much fun! We play at home every year because we only use organic colours which are skin-safe…and do not join in with the others because they usually don’t go for the organic stuff.

I love it more now as I am growing older and realising how many years of fun I missed by being holed up at home and refusing to play. What do you think of Holi? Love it? Or hate it? For a long time I hated it…being part of it. Something about it now reminds me of childhood once again. Something wants me to go back in time and revive those days again, knowing things are changing. Will there be time to make up for all those lost days? I wonder!

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  • Obsessivemom


    I am you when it comes to celebrating Holi. I spent almost my entire childhood pretending Holi didn’t exist beyond the gujhiyas. However after the twins came along I discovered the fun of it ply because they’re so crazy for the whole gutting messy bit. I’ve grown to love it and look forward to it.

  • Cathy Kennedy



    I’m not familiar with Holi so I looked it up. I love the colors of spring in our area so your spring festival would be a fun thing to see but I don’t think I would enjoy getting my face painted. lol I understand childhood things now is special. I’m very much the same way. Thanks for visiting!

  • Vinitha


    Lovely click, Esha. We don’t celebrate Holi in Kerala. So I don’t love the festival. During engineering college days we did celebrate and the forced tossing of colors didn’t sit really well with me. So I never learned to love this festival yet.
    This space is beautiful, but for some reason, I miss ‘Soul talk’. Are you going to keep that space too or is it a complete shift to the new abode?

    • Vinitha

      I was trying to type some more but was not happening. Is there some character count limit set for the comment section, Esha? In which case it would be difficult because you know I am a lover of lengthy comments! 😉
      Okay, so I checked my typing randomly and there is a limit. Fix it, okay?

    • Vinitha

      Hey, I am not sure, but I think the twitter id is wrong. @eshamd is the one here, isn’t it @eshamdutta? Or did you get a new one?

  • Bellybytes


    Love your new look Skygirl. Hope your headaches are behind you . I still hate Holi and refuse to play it .
    Good luck with your new venture.

    • Esha MD

      Thanks Sunita. The headaches are now gone for a while. Hopefully, this medicine will keep it away! Thanks for the feedback. I’m learning slowly…hopefully the site will improve as i keep tweaking it based on the feedback I keep receiving.

  • Amanda M


    That is really cool! I love how bright all the colors are. Perfect for spring. Have a great week!

  • Parul Thakur


    Love the picture and your new blog is just so lovely. Like you, I have stayed away from Holi but now I play a bit. I play with whatever colors I get so not as thoughtful but I do think that I missed a lot of fun growing up 🙂

    • Esha MD

      Thanks so much, Parul. I loved to see kids and grown-ups play this year too, as they do every year and for every shy kid who hid away with dread, I smiled to myself and said— I’ve been there too! Glad I don’t fear it anymore.

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