I’m many things rolled into one – mom, wife, teacher, trainer, management consultant, writer. 

Having has the privilege of growing up in many places, I carry different elements within me that defines my personality and influences my writing. Of the many interests, travel has been the main source of inspiration for of most my writings. I also write because I find it therapeutic, as it helps me unwind, rejuvenate and find peace within myself.

I’m currently based in Bangalore, where I also run an independent training and management consultancy, working flexible hours.

Through this blog, I am trying to document my journey of thoughts on life, travels, reflections and memories.

  • G Angela


    You are an interesting person, like your page and enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing about your self:)

  • Jeanna


    Hi Esha, couldn’t find an email for you but if you like I can put a link to your WW in my sidebar. My comments don’t allow for links.

  • yarnspinnerr


    Thanks for the visit & Welcome.

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thank you! 🙂 Happy to link up here.

  • calensariel


    Thank you so much for the follow, Esha. Btw, did I mention our daughter is from Bangalore?

    • Esha Mookerjee Dutta

      My pleasure, Calen! Oh, great to know about your daughter. You must bring her to see Bangalore someday 🙂

  • parulthakur24


    Good to know about you Esha! Will see you around.

    • Soul Talk

      Likewise Parul! We live in the same city, so looking forward to meeting you someday 🙂

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