Drama in the Sky | #SkywatchFriday

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The awe-inspiring, elegant and eternal Nature that you sometimes travel a thousand miles to see and admire and revel in and sometimes, find right in your backyard, as you wind up a busy action-packed day. It is there always—the sky, clouds and trees relaxing in a perfectly matched aural rhythm. The staples of our everyday lives!

(Notice how the colours change and add drama to heighten the effect. Please note—no filters have been used to enhance the pictures.) 




That’s all for today. Stay tuned, as I bring you more sky captures in the coming weeks.

To enjoy colourful and mesmerizing photographs of skies from all over the world, don’t forget to visit #SkywatchFriday  And just in case you’re interested, my previous Skywatch posts are here as well. 🙂

As another Friday comes, and the week draws to a close, do remember to take a few minutes to yourself, to unwind and relax. Most importantly, let go of all that’s bothering you, (all that stress isn’t really worth it) and stay positive. See you again, next week. 🙂


  • Lady Fi


    What fabulous sky shots.

  • Alana


    You caught some breathtaking captures!

  • Peter B.


    These are beautiful skies! Isn’t it amazing how the color shifts with time??

  • JM Illinois U.S.A.


    You have the photographer’s eye. Lovely images.

  • betty - NZ


    I love the sky, too. Your pastel colors are gorgeous.

  • Felicia


    I love the ever changing beauty of sunsets and sunrises

  • Angie


    I love to sit and watch the changing colors of a sunset – just like your pictures! Visiting from Skywatch.

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