Blue and Gold

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We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon. 

A shot of the sky from last week, just after a heavy downpour. It was close to sunset and the sky had turned into a pretty picture of grey and gold. A few mindful minutes did magic to my soul. I watched the changing colours and grabbed this shot on my phone just before stepping out for the evening. By the time I was back, it was pitch dark but I was glad that inspite of so much going on in my life right now, I had taken a few minutes to appreciate nature and soak in the sights. There are days when life looks bleak but thankfully, some days, hope fills in, to bring in that much-needed respite from the grey overbearing heaviness that has come to be a part of my living moments.

‘This too shall pass’— I chant this to myself every day and find myself looking forward to a time when the fog will lift and things will begin to clear up and light and happiness will fill our lives again. In the meantime, life goes on..


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Happy Skywatching and have a wonderful weekend. See you next week! 🙂


  • Alana


    I hope sharing your photography helps the blue period lift. You are an excellent photographer and I enjoy the photos you share with us.

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thnks, Alana. Yes, it surely does wonders to the mind and soul. I am so glad you enjoy my photos. Your appreciation made my day, Alana. <3

  • thomas


    Lovely rows of cloud

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thank you very much, Thomas.

  • PETER B.


    Beautiful photo! So true how we all share the same sky but have very different horizons.

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thank you very much, Peter.

  • Pratikshya Mishra


    I have always loved your Skywatch series- the beautiful photographs and the words. “This too shall pass” – a mantra that helps us hang in there, have hope and live on.

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