#SkywatchFriday – 31

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Hello everyone,

So, how have you all been? I’ve had a busy week and now looking forward to the weekend ahead 🙂 What was your week like?

This time, I’ve thought of sharing two sunset shots taken a few weeks back. I had been looking for them in all the wrong folders on my desktop and thought that they were lost. But, just when I was beginning to lose hope of ever finding them, they appeared.

Let me briefly tell you the context in which they were shot. It was a quiet evening when a bright red glow came up on the western edge of the sky. I was watching intently and thinking of the next day’s appointment with the doctor when, all of a sudden, I had the idea of grabbing my camera and capturing a sky shot. The evenings are usually kept free to enjoy this quiet hour. This is when I quietly savour the silence in my house and focus on enjoying the moment, the sky that I see before me.  More importantly, this is also the time when I try not to take calls, so as not to allow other distractions to come into play. A lot of my sky shots are from this hour of skywatching.  In the first shot, a deep crimson fluff slowly began to spread like unruly cotton balls in the fading light of the twilight sky. Nothing extraordinary perhaps, yet strikingly beautiful.

In the first shot, just as I was about to shoot, a deep crimson fluff slowly began to spread like unruly cotton balls in the fading light of the twilight sky. The glow of the setting sun lit up the edge creating a golden rim in sharp contrast with the silhouette of the apartment blocks in the distance. Nothing extraordinary perhaps, yet, to those of us who enjoy nature, a strikingly beautiful sight.


In the following shot, I zoomed into the mobile tower from a distance, to get the clouds that now began to settle on the horizon. The sky was pitch dark on the other end and was slowly spreading towards the western edge.


That’s all for today. So, what did you think of the sky views? Before I take your leave, let me tell you if you’d like to join #SkywatchFriday, all you have to do is put together a few sky shots from your part of the world and post them here. Of course, there are plenty of links to visit and comment over there, so do not give it a miss.

I’d look forward to your comments, suggestions and/or feedback, if any, so do please leave them in the comments section below.

Have a relaxed weekend and see you again soon.

(Linking this with #Skywatch Friday, where sky watchers post beautiful sky shots from different parts of the world.)


  • arv!


    Lovely captures Esha! The second picture is my favorite one among the two. Red certainly makes it unique!
    Did you click them with your mobile Esha? Is that what you usually use for capturing pictures?

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thanks a lot, Arv! Glad you liked the pics. Yes, I did click them on my mobile. Though for greater clarity, I also use my Canon which has a highly responsive single lens reflex camera for better clarity. What about you?

      • arv!

        Esha I’m a photography purist so I have always stuck to cameras -point and shoot, super zoom, DSLR, I use all! Whatever suits the situation. I have never been into smartphone photography… Just doesn’t get me into the ‘photography mode ‘. However, I have just bought a dual lens smartphone to break this mindset. 🙂

  • sunainabhatia


    It is a so striking….the sky….with its fiery streaks….looks like there is a blaze up there…..Beautiful…!

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thanks so much, Sunaina. I’m so glad you liked it. The blaze, right…I agree it looks so much like one!

  • nabanita


    Such beautiful captures, Esha. The crimson glow, almost magical. I’m slowly learning to be more mindful of the sky. Though, I don’t get time everyday but whenever I do, I can see how peaceful this simple activity can be.

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thanks a lot, Nabanita. So glad you’re joining in for #SkywatchFriday. You’ll find that sky watching can be very therapeutic 🙂

  • Parul Thakur


    wow! I love both the shots and like you I also watch the sky change colors. sometimes you get many shot at the same place 🙂

    • Esha M Dutta

      Thanks so much, Parul. Yes, we do talk of the same sky, don’t we? Yes, my skyviews are also usually from the same places mostly. But, whatever it is, the joys of sky watching are many!!

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